How to maintain healthier health in spring

How to maintain healthier health in spring

People who are healthy and healthy can adapt themselves to the environment quickly and generally do not need to adjust.

But people who are old and sick are not so lucky in the ever-changing spring, and old diseases are extremely easy to repeat.

In the spring, people with such patients and those who are physically weak after illness can improve their body’s resistance and make their body recover through appropriate supplementation.

It is advisable to adjust the spring health foods in general, such as chicken, eggs, lean pork, and red dates.

Can improve the lazy body, but also full of physical strength.

However, for those who are obviously weak, they need to choose appropriate nourishing Chinese medicine to nurse, such as American ginseng, longan meat, Codonopsis, and Astragalus.

  Spring is full of flowers, and the air is filled with a lot of pollen, which is a good season for allergic diseases.

If you have chronic diseases or allergies, you must avoid taboos in the spring, avoid serving “fat”, such as shrimp, crab, pickles and other foods, otherwise the old disease is very easy to relapse.

  In general, the spring medicated diet, based on the principle of flat supplement, can not blindly use warm tonic, so as not to raise the spring, increase the heat inside the body, damage to the human body.