Medicinal diet function of wax plum

Medicinal diet function of wax plum

The medicine of the motherland believes that the plum blossoms have sweet, spicy and cold flavors, and have the effects of relieving heat and refreshing stagnation, appetizing and dispersing stagnation, detoxifying muscles and relieving cough.

Indications: Heat dizziness, vomiting, fever, thirst, stagnation and stagnation, cough and other diseases.

It is also commonly used in folks to drink water for babies, which has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.

  Not only does the plum blossom have high medicinal value, but it also matches the food and has better therapeutic effect on certain diseases.

In the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there is a saying that “the plum blossoms are sweet, slightly bitter, pick flowers and boil, boil them in water, dip them in water, and oil and salt.”

Lamei is not only a delicious food, but also can detoxify.

  Lamei fish head soup with 10 plum blossoms, 750 g fish head, appropriate amount of various seasonings, chicken consomme 1000 ml.

Wash the fish head and stew it in a pot. Then add the seasoning. After adjusting the taste, put in the plum petals. Cook for a while and eat.

  Lamei stewed tofu, five plum tofu, 500 grams of tofu, 250 grams of cooked soybean oil, shallots, coriander, refined salt, pepper, each amount, cut the tofu into slices.

Set the pan on fire, heat the oil and place in the cut tofu strips, fry them to golden brown, and remove.

Pour out the oil, add onion to cook, add water and salt, then pour the tofu strips, simmer for 5 minutes, add the pepper, add the plum blossoms, and MSG when seasoning.

  500 grams of beef sautéed beef with beef, 10 plums of beef, 50 grams of pork fat, 25 grams each of shallots, celery, carrots, 15 grams of noodle sauce, refined salt, peppercorns, and pepper.

Heat the lard in the pot, cut the beef into strips, dip the salt and pepper into the pot, and fry until it is yellow on both sides. Add the shallot pieces, celery pieces, carrot slices, pepper cubes, etc., and add an appropriate amount of water, Boil over high heat, cook for half an hour, add noodle sauce and petals of Chinese plum plums boiled with boiling water, and serve immediately.

  Plum Chicken Nugget Soup 500g, chicken soup 1000ml, pea seedling 50g, plum petals, mushrooms, MSG, salt, pepper and other ingredients.

Boil the cooked chicken pieces, cut into small pieces, and pour the broth into the pot.

Pick the plums, take the petals, clean them, and dry them.

Add chicken nuggets, mushrooms, and pea seedlings into the soup. After boiling, add salt to taste, then sprinkle with plum petals, boil slightly, and serve in a bowl.

  Plum blossom porridge takes 6 white plum blossoms, scoops down petals, and wash with water for later use.

Previously, 100 grams of rice, washed into a pot and cooked until the porridge is cooked, add plum blossoms, the amount of sugar, just boil slightly.

This porridge can relieve liver and qi, strengthen the spleen and appetite, refreshing the eyes and eyesight.

Applicable to liver and stomach qi, depression, discomfort, loss of appetite, dizziness and so on.