How to treat congenital night blindness

How to treat congenital night blindness

Treating congenital night blindness, as the name implies, night blindness is something that has poor or completely invisible vision in the dark or at night.

We understand the physiological processes of dark adaptation, and it is not difficult to understand night blindness.

The root cause of night blindness is the lack of raw materials for the synthesis of rhodopsin in retinal rod cells or the complications of rod cells themselves.

There are three aspects in summary.

  (L) Temporary night blindness.

Due to the lack of vitamin A in the diet or the absorption of vitamin A due to certain digestive diseases, the retinal rod-shaped cells do not synthesize rhodopsin raw materials and cause night blindness.

This night blindness is temporary. As long as you eat more pork liver, carrots, cod liver oil, etc., you can supplement the deficiency of vitamin A, and it will soon be cured.

  (2) Acquired night blindness.

Often due to retinal rod-shaped cell malnutrition or its own consequences.

It is common in diffuse choroiditis, extensive choroidal atrophy, etc. This kind of night blind penetration is an effective treatment, and the disease gradually improves.

  (3) Congenital night blindness.

Department of congenital hereditary eye diseases, such as retinal pigment degeneration, dysplasia of rod-shaped cells, lost the function of rhodopsin synthesis, so night blindness occurred.

  What to eat can help treat night blindness. Night blindness refers to the inability to see or not see in the dark at night or during the day. It is mainly caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach and fire gate failure.

Spleen and stomach weakness night blindness, more common in children, accompanied by large abdomen, thin yellow muscles, thin hair, normal vision during the day and night or dark light can not see things and other symptoms.

Life gate fire failure, at first, night blindness, gradually reduced vision, accompanied by dizziness and weakness, chills and cold, eating is not fragrant, nocturnal emission impotence, white fur, thin weakness and other symptoms.

In the treatment of vision loss and night blindness, the cause must first be found out so that symptomatic treatment can work. The following dietary prescriptions can assist in the treatment of vision loss: Yanggan Pill: 250 grams of Ye Mingsha, 120 grams of Angelica, 200 grams of Equisetum, and 100 of cicada.It is composed of 500 grams of sheep liver and made into honey pills, 10 grams each time, twice a day, suitable for various night blindness.

  Chrysanthemum pill: Honey pill made from 100 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of Morinda citrifolia, 100 grams of Cistanche deserticola, and 100 grams of Chinese wolfberry. Each serving is 10 grams, 3 times a day.Night blindness caused by fire failure.

  Wolfberry leaf pork liver soup: 100g of wolfberry leaf each time, 100g of pork liver, seasoned and eaten with soup, can supplement deficiency and essence, expelling wind and eyesight, suitable for treating night blindness and vision loss, healthy people also eat regularlyThe effect of vision loss.

  Cinnamon steamed chicken liver: 1 pair of chicken liver each time, cinnabar 0.

5 grams (water fly is the last), mix cinnabar and chicken liver, put into a small bowl, add water drain, steam the water to seal the credit, can be daily or every other day, there are nourishing, Ningshen, Yiqi, MingThe efficacy of the purpose can assist the treatment of night blindness and vision loss.

  Vision loss, night blind people should also eat more vegetables containing vitamin A, eat more animal livers and eggs to avoid excessive fatigue, fasting food that is irritating and hot, do not drink, smoke, etc.

  In addition, people with normal vision, if the military uses too many eyes, can also take the above-mentioned medicated diet to prevent vision loss.