Here Shen Lin and Su Ran went back to the room to clean up,Also going to leave,Mr. Fan waited at the door for the two of them to come out。

Su Ran came out first,Seeing Fan Lao weakly calling grandpa,Old Fan nodded,Take a box out of the pocket。
“I know there will be no danger this time,Xiao Fan told me,But this necklace is from your mother back then,Will protect you at critical times,Sooner or later you have to perform the mission of dangerous people,You will wear this necklace forever。”Fan Lao took out the necklace and said。
That is a sapphire necklace,Jewel ye ye shine,Simple atmosphere,Understated luxury,Su Ran liked it at first glance,Very kind。
Fan Lao personally put the necklace on her,Paused:“Ran Ran,I know something is too early,You will be back in two days,But grandpa still wants to tell you,Must protect yourself,Grandpa baby has you half your life,You must not make grandpa sad。”
Su Ran’s tears rolled in his eyes,Pounced into Fan Lao’s arms and choked:“Grandpa, I just went to see,Maybe be back tomorrow,Why are you so sensational?。”
Old Fan patted Su Ran on the back,Say:“it is good,Grandpa knows,So grown up,Not sensational anymore,Let’s leave with Shen Lin in a while。”
Su Ran nodded,Wiped away tears,At this moment, Shen Lin just packed up,Looking at Su Ran’s red eyes,I probably know what happened。
Shen Lin stepped forward and took Su Ran and looked at Old Fan.:“Grandpa, don’t worry,As long as I’m there,Then it will be safe and sound,No matter if it is now or later。”
Old Fan nodded,Patted Shen Lin on the shoulder,Say hurry up,Don’t miss the time。Shen Lin and Su Ran say yes。
This time I will go to Yunshi,Shen Lin was there last time,I’m familiar with the road this time。Xiao Fan called and said,Let him go to the last base,Shen Lin explained。
Along the way,Su Ran is unhappy,As if something is on my mind,Shen Lin held her hand,Squeeze。
Su Ran turned his head to see him,Shen Lin comforted:“Ran Ran,You also said,We might be back tomorrow,and so,Just go out and sneak around,Ok?”
Su Ran nodded,Looked out the window and said:“I was just thinking,My grandpa has protected me for so many years,I chose the most dangerous path myself,Make him worry,Am I too unfilial。”Talking,Tears came down。
Shen Lin looked at Su Ran’s appearance and felt distressed,Say:“Ran Ran,Grandpa is worried about you,But I hope you can be happy,You can live as you want,You like this,So I failed Grandpa’s hard work。”
Su Ran wiped away tears,Take a deep breath,Turn around and watch Shen Lin smile,Say:“I know,I will adjust myself,After all, the way forward,Can’t be emotional。”
Shen Lin was relieved now,Drive safely,He secretly vowed to become very strong and strong,No matter what Su Ran wants to do, she can protect her。
Here Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner have returned to Yun City,Qi Zheng just reported that a group of people have indeed entered the cloud market,But Yunshi’s strict investigation,Didn’t bring any guns,Only a few daggers or something。
Xiao Fan asked Qi Zheng to pick up Shen Lin and Su Ran,By the way, let them know the situation clearly。
Back to Lin’s house,Lin Yuna didn’t take any luggage,Just trot into the house,Shouted parents,Liu Chunlan walked downstairs,See Lin Yoona,Surprised。