As for the reason,Then naturally it’s the same sentence before——Customer is god!

“Xiao Fan,This first,What i want to know is,Your wedding anniversary,You want a lot of people to celebrate for the two of you,I still want you and my sister-in-law!”Asked Liu Shuhao。
after all,How many people are participating in the anniversary,This design and planning plan is naturally different。
so,Before really starting to plan,Liu Shuhao on this question,He must ask clearly in advance。
so,this problem,It became the first step Liu Shuhao had to do for Xiao Fan’s wedding planning。
First determine the number of participants,Later, I will determine the direction of the anniversary plan,This is a necessary step。
After Xiao Fan heard Liu Shuhao’s question,I just fell into contemplation。
Before Xiao Fan asked this question,,He really never thought of this problem!
“Xiao Fan,what are you thinking?Please speak?”Liu Shuhao on the other end of the phone could never get an answer from Xiao Fan,So he asked。
When did this guy mess up things so much!
This is the question he asked Xiao Fan just now,for him,It has been counted as one of the most common and the most basic question.!
If you want to be lively, a lot of people must come together,This does not want to be lively,Then only their couple will participate,Is this really so complicated??
This person is really,Hundreds of millions,Even a big order of billions,I have never heard of him thinking about it,This is when I was just now,That’s just a little question,As a result now he is actually in deep thought,and,The whole person seems to be embarrassing for him。
This is really hard to understand。
but,Such a problem,In Liu Shuhao’s opinion,It seems to be that hard to understand,in fact,From Xiao Fan’s point of view,It’s really a difficult question to decide!
Because when Liu Shuhao just now,When I asked myself this question,The first thought in his heart actually wanted to live with Lin Yoona alone。
after all,The theme of this plan is actually the wedding anniversary plan,Since it’s the wedding anniversary,Naturally, it is only a problem for both husband and wife。
Then,For Xiao Fan,Since it is a problem for both husband and wife,Then naturally it is best to be there with two people。
after all,After all, this matter has nothing to do with others,It is estimated that even a lot of people will be invited,They probably just came to join in the fun。