Slow disease patients eat oatmeal cereals to lower blood fat

Slow disease patients eat oatmeal cereals to lower blood fat

To say that cereals with the highest medicinal value, oats can be considered a competitive one.

In the early Han Dynasty, there were oats in the ancient books for maternal lactation and infant malnutrition; modern medicine showed that oatmeal processed from oatmeal (the active ingredient is unchanged) is often used, which is obvious for hypertension and diabetes.Efficacy.

  In fact, apart from the medicinal value of oatmeal, only the nutrients contained in it are enough for people to regard it as a good health care product.

Feng Xiaoli, a member of the National Small Grain and Grain Variety Appraisal Committee and a professor at the Northwest A&F University, said that the essential amino acid composition of oat protein is very small and has a comprehensive composition.

Among them, 8 of the 18 kinds of amino acids are essential amino acids, and the ratio is reasonable and the utilization rate is high. Therefore, the nutritional value of the protein can be transformed into beautiful with the egg.

In this way, the cockroaches in oats are also quite healthy and belong to high quality plant mites.

In particular, the linoleic acid contained in the body not only maintains the normal metabolism of the human body, but also is an essential component for the synthesis of prostaglandins, and also has a hypolipidemic effect.

  At present, the most oatmeal is cooked with rice as porridge, or you can also add milk powder, nuts and so on.

Foods processed from a raw material such as oatmeal, instant oatmeal, children’s oatmeal, oatmeal, oat bran, etc. also have health effects.