Elderly people often have tailbone to help constipation

Elderly people often have tailbone to help constipation

Constipation is a common disease in the elderly.

According to relevant survey data, about 28% of people who are over 60 years old often have constipation?

Due to the aging of the body, the elderly have a slow bowel movement and a higher chance of constipation.

The anal fissure caused by constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases make the elderly feel more painful.

Therefore, in the daily life of the elderly, they should eat more crude fiber food, drink more water, strengthen exercise, and develop the habit of regular regular bowel movements.

In addition, some simple massages such as the appendix can also promote bowel movements and improve constipation.

  The appendix can stimulate the nerves around the anus, promote local blood circulation, prevent prolapse and recurrence of hemorrhoids, and have a certain effect on the habitual constipation in the elderly.

The appendix can be carried out before going to sleep every day: wearing underwear, sitting on the bed, hands and half fists, pushing the back of the hand from top to bottom to the tailbone 50 times; then using the middle finger and ring finger on the top of the cheekbone to the tailboneRubbing about 30 times; finally, gently rub the palm and rub it 20 times until the skin is slightly warm.

  The appendix should be measured in strength, not too strong, and it should not hurt the skin.

If constipation is serious, you should go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the illness.