Drinking chocolate milk after exercise, the body recovers faster

Drinking chocolate milk after exercise, the body recovers faster

Many people love to drink sports drinks or drink plenty of water after exercising.

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on June 23, “Power and Training Research Journal” published a part of the study completed by the University of Texas, the chocolate milk is the best drink after exercise, the body speed of recovery.

  Dr. John Ivey, the head of the new study, said that after completing high-intensity training, professional and amateur athletes can reduce fat chocolate milk and accelerate recovery.

Participants who were classified with sugar-containing sports drinks and who added chocolate milk had better muscle strength after exercise, and occasionally ingested, and the body-forming effect was more obvious.

  In the first study, the researchers asked 10 professional cyclists to complete a medium-intensity ride for 90 minutes, followed by a 10-minute high-intensity intermittent exercise.

It was found that athletes who had residual sugar-containing sports drinks or no transitional drinks after exercise scored, and athletes who incorporated low-fat chocolate milk after exercise were more powerful, and the riding speed changed, and the average riding time was 6 minutes.

  In the second study, the researchers tested 32 amateur male and female cyclists, allowing them to complete five high-intensity exercises a week, then replacing one of the different beverages.

It was found that after four and a half weeks, the maximum oxygen uptake of the chocolate milk group athletes increased.

The maximum oxygen uptake is a major indicator of athletes’ aerobic endurance and sustained exercise capacity.

The study also found that adult athletes who reduced low-fat chocolate milk after exercise became more developed during training and showed a slight decrease in body weight.

Dr. Ai Wei said that the specific mechanism of “metabolizing chocolate milk after exercise to accelerate body recovery” needs further research and exploration, but the natural protein and metabolism in the drink play an important role.