Sixty level 30 fighters,Even in Hongliu City,This strength is definitely not weak,Even if it’s not as deep as the four big families,But compared to the next-level family,That is definitely more than。

And this human force,It’s just one of the guarding forces of the City of Steel,At best, the number of people is equivalent to the guards of Yongfei。
I didn’t expect to be back for a while,The City of Steel has grown silently to this extent。Lu Menglin was happy to see the hunt,I don’t want to reveal my identity so quickly,He wants to try,Mao Yongfei and these newly emerging Terran warriors,How strong is it?
Good guy!Mao Yongfei soars into the sky,Head on is a ruling,No extra nonsense,Meeting is doing!
This smash combines the explosive power of the pill martial artist,There is also an increase in the power of the ruling equipment,Powerful。
Lu Menglin couldn’t help but move his mind slightly,Motivated by the power of light lines《Magic shield》,Suddenly a layer of golden light surged all over,Cover the whole body。
boom!Take Yongfei this one,Lu Menglin’s protective mask in the middle。
Energy hits the rock like water,Airflow separates from the middle,Uproar on both sides。
The golden Lu Menglin is like a mainstay,Hold still,Only the magic shield on her body flickered twice,Some small consumption。
Mao Yongfei can’t move the opponent,Speed is a lag,Impossible。
but,Mao Yongfei has rich experience in combat,Not discouraged,Instead, by the force of counter shock,Turned back a few somersaults,Take advantage of the opportunity to distance from the opponent。
“Shoot!”Mao Yongfei stabilized his figure,And shouted。
The match between the two was fast,Completed in a moment,And the steel city warriors behind have just rushed to the front。
I heard the command,Those Terran warriors drew out a piece of equipment that is half bow and half crossbow from the back waist.,Bow and arrow,Aimed at Lu Menglin。
next moment,Arrows are like locusts,Salvo to Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin didn’t dodge,With a magic shield,Let the arrow rain nail you。
Those crossbow arrows shot on Lu Menglin’s shield,Keep exploding,Ripples of energy,But it can’t break the defense。
Lu Menglin held the arrow rain,But I was a little surprised。