Every year millions of companies around the world choose to register in the British Virgin Islands for tax avoidance and other financial needs,Of course,Among them are many well-known companies in China。

Such as China Mobile、China Unicom、China NetEase、China Youku、ChinaTCLInternational、China Resources Land、China Everbright International、Major companies such as China Mengniu Dairy are registered here。
Simultaneously,Because the British Virgin Islands has no foreign exchange controls,Any currency can enter and exit freely,Coupled with its status as a tax haven,Make the financial services industry in the British Virgin Islands extremely developed,It has also contributed to its position as the world’s five largest offshore financial center。
Many international banking groups or large multinational corporations in the world are in need of financing,All come to the offshore financial markets of the British Virgin Islands to borrow or lend。
This also makes the British Virgin Islands have trillions of dollars of capital flowing in and out every day.,There are also countless large and small financial battles carried out here。
Therefore, the international offshore financial market of the British Virgin Islands is definitely a paradise for global financial professionals.,Countless financial professionals earn a lot of money here every year,Of course there are countless people who have lost all here。
Of course, the British Virgin Islands was named“British”Title of,Also because it belongs to the Queen of England,Its executive power comes from the Queen of England,And the Governor of the British Virgin Islands will act on her behalf locally。
The governor of the British Virgin Islands is fully appointed by the Queen,And the candidate is from the UK**give opinions,The defense and foreign affairs of the archipelago are the responsibility of the United Kingdom。
So after hearing that GEODIS’ bank account came from the British Virgin Islands,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help scratching his head with a headache。
According to the plan,Qiao Tianyu wanted to find Qiaodaye through bank account information,Lest GEODIS be saved from the poisonous hands of the four big families。
But just two days ago,Qiao Tianyu just got**Restricted entry,Qiao Tianyu is not allowed to enter the border of the United Kingdom within fifty years,In case the British Virgin Islands also banned Qiao Tianyu from entering,Wasn’t his plan to find GEODIS all over?
I heard Qiao Tianyu’s worry,Michelle giggled,Isn’t it just entering the British Virgin Islands?,What a big deal,There is no border that the KGB cannot enter!
Michelle keeps Qiao Tianyu at ease,Leave the entry to the British Virgin Islands to the KGB!
Qiao Tianyu knows that the fighting nation never talks,Since Michelle promised, she would definitely be able to do it,So I don’t worry about entering the country for now。