Every food in Flavour World 2 has a secret

Every food in “Flavour World 2” has a secret
“Man is the master of the earth, the slave of the stomach”. On the planet of flavor, humans have never stopped pursuing delicious footsteps.After a year and a half, Chen Xiaoqing, Li Yong served as the general director, Zhu Lexian, Zhang Ping as producers, the second season of “Flavour World” co-produced by Dalai Media and Penguin Films and TV, the original team returned again.From April 26th, every Sunday at 21:20, Tencent video will be broadcast on the whole network. After the first broadcast, Douban opened 9.A high score of 5.  Chen Xiaoqing said that every meal is hard to come by. “Flavour World” is hoping to start with the mystery of “flavor”. While giving everyone the joy of eating, they use food as a messenger to show the unique personality of different parts of the world.Traditional cuisine, and the love of life for those living on that land.    The core uses food to understand the world. Whether it is the difficult adventure of the dartfish boy on the small fishing boat, or the Kazak herders simply slaughtering sheep and killing cattle, many stories recorded in the first season of “Flavour World” have touched hundreds of millions of people.Be touched by the favor of one side of the earth and the other.”Flavour World” shows “Take you to adventure”, which is “cognition of the world with food”, and the index of other similar food documentaries. The biggest feature of “flavor” is its worldwide nature.The mountains and rivers have never changed, and Season 2 of the World of Flavors relives the familiar world of fireworks.In the first story in the beginning of the film, Nepalese honey hunters climbed mountains to collect honey. At the foot were hundreds of meters of cliffs, which were only climbed with a string. This is a very dangerous activity. Every year, people pay their lives and evenThe honeycomb is successfully harvested, and only one honeycomb can be harvested in half, ensuring that it can be harvested next year, and this has become an accurate balance between local bee hunters and honey.In Li Yong’s view, “Flavor 2” is presenting food, and it is also trying to record how humans have survived.  Through over 25 countries and regions around the world, more than 300 kinds of foods were filmed, and the serialized and orderly sub-topics were found. “Flavours of the World 2” finds inextricable connections between foods.Foreign stories are very different from China in terms of customs, cooking methods, and presentation forms, but no matter whether they are in China or abroad, everyone is happy, happy, sad, and lively in the face of food.Li Yong said that the human nature shown in the film and the people take food as the sky, these are the elements that are consistent and common regardless of the inside and the outside.In the first episode “Sweetness”, there are bee hunters under the Nepal Himalayas, glittering dessert apprentices, as well as morning tea chefs in Yangzhou and country chefs doing wedding banquets under the mountain in Qingcheng, Sichuan. They made Bakrava, jade-roasted wheatGourmet cakes such as lasagna, sweet roasted white and so on also reflect their different understandings of life. As stated in the original film, “Sugar can’t be found, sweetness is everywhere”.People all over the world have different languages and different lifestyles, but their love for food is the same.  The theme of discovering “differences” in race is to observe the world from the perspective of food, which is a very interesting thing in itself.If you want to understand a region, start by understanding their diet. Behind the food you can see the difference in the way people live in different regions. Zhang Huiwen and later said that this is the purpose of making gourmet record films.  The world’s cuisine is rich and colorful. When designing this season’s content, “Flavour 2” is expected to produce an interesting effect of “bumping food”, so each episode delineates a relatively concrete content. Seeing the differences in similar foods, that is, “Lianliankan, find the difference. “On the way to research and filming around, the film crew found the “root” and life of local cuisine.There are no secrets in the preparation of many foods. The selection of materials, processing, and cooking are not complicated, but they are only delicious locally.For example, the desserts displayed in “Flavor 2”, China and Turkey, one tender and one warm; through crabs, you can see that American crab supremacy corresponds to China or the East, which is more fresh and tasteful, and more valued for yellow;At that time, Italy and China also had two different ideas of “reborn”.For the “flavor” creative team, it is also very interesting to show the fusion of these “collision” and “fun” together in the film.  There is a lot of things that can be discovered behind each kind of food, and the production of food has an inseparable relationship with geographical environment, natural resources, cultural psychology, eating habits, etc.As the progress is accelerating, people of different ethnic groups in different regions may be quickly unified by certain standards, but even so, there are still some foods, rooted in the origin, it cannot be separated from the local soil.During the “Miscellaneous” stage, there is no small cognitive difference between the East and the West. Whether it is on the streets of the city or the feast of the rich, the miscellaneous dishes can be up and down, and they are always colorful.In addition, the audience of food and the space of visual expression are also elements of “Flavor 2” that need to be considered.  In addition to the style food, more humanistic feelings are added to the film “Flavor 2”. Based on the food, the protagonist’s selection tips are: each food must have a secret, and each character must have a personality.Li Yong said that every food must know the past and present, what is the secret of its deliciousness, where is its most exciting moment, and how does it relate to the lives of local people?These must be found.  Chen Xiaoqing once said that the ultimate meaning of gourmet food is to obtain happiness.On the surface, people watch the documentary just because they “want to eat”. In fact, what they are looking forward to is a beautiful relationship.Through food, people can see their hearts.For example, the love story between the Hong Kong chef and his daughter, and a small number of dessert apprentices heading to the big city, all of which give the audience the desire to continue to understand the development of the plot.The choice of the protagonist ‘s story in the film is a major entanglement for the film crew. Good character stories are hard to come by. Every content in the film is adjusted repeatedly. It is necessary to ensure that the direction of the story is consistent with the theme and the characters.Fresh, but also leave enough space for food display.Zhang Ping said that sometimes when the time is limited, you will face the contradiction of making the character’s story fuller or describing food more. “It depends on which part of the content serves the theme more.This happens in almost every episode.”In addition to food,” flavor “pays more attention to people’s traits and their attitude towards food in shops and families that make unique food.In the filming, there are some unwritten rules, you must find the person closest to the food, regardless of collection, processing, cooking, the protagonist will do it himself; among the workers and operators, they will always choose the workers; they are also food practitioners, More tend to strive for survival, rather than achieve fame; among candidates who have achieved certain success, more tend to continue to explore people who seek breakthroughs.Li Yong said that the “Flavor” series is not only a gourmet record, it is also a natural geographical humanities record.”We also want to record the current society, the seven emotions and six desires in human nature, and the traditional way of survival that is declining rapidly.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Wei