More serious than losing your wallet?Chen Geng’s expression suddenly became serious:“what happened?Could it be that you raised a mistress outside and was discovered by your wife??”

Chen Xiaoshan staggered,Almost fell,Hurriedly defended with a pale face:“I……I……I didn’t mess with the relationship between men and women,Boss, you can’t talk nonsense。”
Because of excitement,Comrade Chen Shanshan stammered。
But I don’t blame him for being so excited,In this era, it’s not more than 30 years later201Xyear,Derailed in marriage can confidently express that he is in“Pursue love”,As if I was not at all wrong,In this age,Messing about the relationship between men and women is not recognized by social values at all、Accepted sin,J,As long as you dare to mess with the relationship between men and women,The future of this person is over,The whole society is extremely disdainful of this behavior。
If it’s unmarried young men and women, it’s barely better,If it is a married man and woman who messes with the relationship,Serious warning,If one of the husband and wife who was hurt gets into the unit,The person who messes up the relationship between men and women will not have a second choice except to expel。
Chen Geng, who finally reacted, patted his head,A little embarrassed:“Ha ha……Sorry,Ok,Speak,what’s going on?What made you look like a bear?”
Chen Xiaoshan’s head lowered,The whole person is ashamed of being round eight hundred times:“There are too many leaders who have greeted me for a house these past two days。”
“Many leaders greet you?What am I supposed to do,”Chen Gengyi startled,Then he smiled disapprovingly:“Tell me how many leaders there are?”
Why only700In the case of multiple employees, you have to build one that can accommodate at the same time1500Employee Family Community,Is it really just reserved for future scale expansion??
What a joke!
Chen Geng was prepared for this situation,we can even say,The reason why he built so many houses,Just for“Connect feelings”of。But Chen Xiaoshan’s next words scared Chen Geng……
Chen Xiaoshan smiled bitterly:“boss,You don’t know,Just two days of effort,Greeted me、I want to get from our community‘borrow’The leader of the house does not have three to five hundred, but also two to three hundred,There are not only various bureaus in the city,The leaders of the central ministries and commissions in the capital are not young or old,The threshold of our family will be trampled by these leaders and their secretaries,I did a rough calculation,If all the leaders’ requirements are agreed,Don’t talk about the current community,Even if we build another community, it may not be enough,But if you don’t agree……”
Chen Geng’s expression froze:It may not be enough to build another community?Do you want to be so exaggerated?
Yes,Yes,He knew that in the capital area,Everyone’s housing situation is generally tight,Some bureau-level leaders in the cold yamen live in Tongzilou、Cycling to and from get off work is normal,I heard that my scrap car dismantling plant is going to build a large worker community,These units、Department head wants to come“borrow”A house is not strange at all,This is why I want to build a1500Reason,But just two days of effort has attracted so many people to say hello?
Chen Geng is sturdy and scared。
But think carefully,Isn’t this normal??
Those who live in Tongzilou、Bureau-level leaders who commute by bicycle,Don’t you want to change to a two-bedroom and one-living room with a separate kitchen and bathroom?Those little leaders who live in a two-bedroom house,Do you want to change to a three-bedroom and one living room??Even the leaders who have big houses,Isn’t it like taking this opportunity to get the distribution rights of a few houses?,So that you can win over people in your unit、Appease and reward your subordinates?
Too possible!
Even follow this line of thought to extend,Will there be a house that doesn’t lack at all、But when I see others“borrow”After the house, follow the trend to yourself“borrow”house、Feel not with myself“borrow”The house itself seems to have suffered a great loss?