Autumn fruits must be eaten with caution

Autumn fruits must be eaten with caution

After the autumnal equinox, the weather gradually cools down, the temperature difference between morning and evening widens, and the human body is susceptible to various diseases. Therefore, attention must be paid to diet and other aspects.

Experts remind that eating some delicious fruits and fruits can damage the spleen and stomach, and should be done in moderation.

  Xiong Shijie, an expert on health education in Yunnan Province, said: “Eating watermelon in the summer is to cool off the heat. When it is particularly hot, some people even eat a few times a day; if they eat too much after the fall, they will be prone to vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea.This means that your stomach has been injured.

  Because in the fall, the spleen and stomach are mainly in a weak state. In addition, the weather turns cold, and eating more cold fruits and vegetables will naturally make the stomach uncomfortable.

“Expert introduction: Apple is rich in multivitamins and potassium, which is not only beneficial for patients with cardiovascular disease, can stop diarrhea; pear lung, phlegm and cough; pineapple diuretic, beneficial for patients with nephritis, hypertension; citrus cough and lungs,Stomach strengthening; grape nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening stomach and diuretic; persimmon to annoying Shengjin, moistening lungs and phlegm, astringent bowel to stop diarrhea . These fruits can be eaten more.