“what,I want to kill them,Kill them,Actually lie to me!”

“Go!”Cen Wen found this feeling very strange,Does this count as returning from hell to heaven?More exciting than riding a roller coaster!
However, Hong Wan just turned his head and stopped,“They lied to me,But you are also wrong,You are going to die!”
“and many more!I think I still have a way to help you find someone。Although I have never heard of this person,But I still have some contacts in China。”Cen Wen said。
“really?”Hong Wan looked at Cen Wen hopefully,At the same time, the whole head is in front of Cen Wen,It’s like looking at whether this person is deceiving yourself。
It’s just that Cen Wen can’t understand Hong Wan’s spiritual world.,I only know that this person is too close,You can kiss you as long as you move a little。So Cen Wen stayed in place,Dare not do anything。
“Really?Can you take me to Qingxin cousin?”Hongwan asked again like a mentally retarded。
Cen Wen in order to survive,Of course nod!But in China,He does have connections,After all, he also joined some second generation ancestor organizations before,Know some people。Besides,Doesn’t he still have Qin Feng。Now that kid seems to have retired,But even if he doesn’t care about the arena again,But as long as you meet people in the rivers and lakes,It should be possible to ask for some information?
“Yes!Dare i say,except me,I’m afraid there is no second person who can help you。”Cen Wen pretended to be beeping。
“Then you quickly take me!”Red Maru put away the sword,Grabbed Cen Wen’s arm and left。
But Cen Wen was not happy anymore,“and many more,You hurt and disabled so many people for no reason。I still help you,How can I be worthy of the brothers?Although i know,The people at Nikaidou deceived you。But they can cheat you once,Can cheat you twice。Did you just let them go?”
“You want me to deal with the Nikaitang Group?”Hong Wan looked at Cen Wen with a smile。
“Yes,I am a businessman,This is a deal。I will take you to your Qingxin brother,Then you helped me solve Fusang’s dissatisfied opponent。After all this time,Your Nikaitang Group is too much!”
From the perspective of a businessman,Cen Wen said that he did nothing wrong。
of course,In fact, Cen Wen doesn’t object to using other methods after failure in commercial methods.。The issue is,Cen Wen was driven to death,He doesn’t get revenge to have a ghost!
As for Nikaidou Hongmaru,,Cen Wen can understand it。Is a mentally ill person with an abnormal brain。I want him to do things for myself is unlikely,But you can still do a one-off deal。Anyway, after Fusang has established his own group status, he will be able to come back after Hongmaru finds the ghost brother.。
After listening to Cen Wen’s words, Hong Wan turned around in a hurry,“You are not afraid of death?”
“Kill me you will never find your brother again!”Cen Wen in turn threatened。