“bun,I hurt you!I Thornton is going to eat a lot today!”
Although this chidori didn’t hurt Thornton,But the pain caused by electrical stimulation,But it’s true。Xin Zhao was directly slapped by him。
After breaking a few pillars,Xin Zhao shook his head“rose,Are there any weapons that hurt,Let me use it first!”
Qiangwei directly replied“I don’t have permission right now,Applying for Chaode No. 3,Lena is on her way here,Let’s wait for half an hour。”
“Wait half an hour,No more bones left!”
Xin Zhao has never bothered these bureaucracies like he does now,Xin Zhao has to deal with these aliens,I don’t even distribute the equipment quickly。
If it wasn’t for him just broke out,These places,Dead people are not normal yet。
“almost,But these weapons are not suitable for you,and so!”Qiangwei added one more sentence,Makes Xin Zhao even more angry。
“You won’t let me use it first,Otherwise, I’ll just leave,This crocodile is too defensive!”Xin Zhao thinks Qiangwei’s brain should have been kicked by a donkey。
No weapons,He Zhao Xin what attacked this crocodile Thornton,By hand。
His Chidori damage is for Thornton,Not at all。
And was said by Xin Zhao,Qiangwei was also embarrassed,She did forget for a while,Now we have to kill the enemy first,As for weapons,Those people are not there yet,What’s up with。
“bun,I Thornton is going to eat you!”
Thornton now seems to have spotted Xin Zhao who hurt him,It’s also possible that Xin Zhao’s heroic attitude moved it,Of course it’s more likely that Xin Zhao hurt him。
If this is in the game,It’s a unit with a low IQ,Taunted。
flash,Flash again!
Xin Zhao felt that he was really aggrieved,Although the black armor on the body is good,But this attack power is far worse。Crocodile Thornton’s weapon,and many more,He still has weapons。