Ten changes in marriage in China in the future

Ten changes in marriage in China in the future

Chen Xinxin, an expert on marriage and family issues and associate professor of the All-China Women’s Federation Research Institute, believes that in the future Chinese marriage will show more trends, and the quality of marriage has received unprecedented attention; the rights of individuals are violated, and life will tend to be personalized.

  According to reports, data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs show that the divorce rate in China was 0 in 1980.

07% rose to 0 in 2003.

21%, a three-fold increase in 23 years.

From October 1, 2003 to September 30, 2004, within one year of the implementation of the new marriage registration regulations, there were 1,783 couples registered for divorce in the West District Marriage Registry, an increase of 178.


In fact, the rising divorce rates in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou are also very obvious.

A survey by Professor Wang Zhenyu and her colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which studies marriage and family issues, shows that 70% to 80% of divorces are caused by extramarital affairs.

  Family structure miniaturization concept: 3 to 4 people per family.

  Marriage expectations change with the advent of a well-off life, such as the amount of income and investment in housework, whether it no longer receives special attention.

The two sides pay more attention to: keep intimacy, abide by the marriage agreement, understand each other, and create a comfortable and peaceful comfort zone.

  The concept of increasing the number of late marriages and late childbearing: single bachelors are increasing, and voluntary sterility is on the rise.

  The traditional concept of “male outside, female inside” is difficult to apply to modern people, and has even been completely overthrown.

Modern women have improved education, rich work experience, coupled with a large amount of information absorption and gender initialization reports in the media, so that women have the concept of “women can have their own world”, so after the autonomy of love is improved, mate selection and marriageThe more things to consider.

  One of the first oil poems says this: Men look at women around the age of 30 to see their academic qualifications; men look at women after the age of 30 to see their experiences; men look at women after the age of 40 to see their medical records.

In fact, such men and women are very sad. One just “sees” and the other only “sees.” In the end, there will be no results.

  Therefore, it is recommended that older men do not ask too much, because in the end, they can only marry a wife, stop and give themselves a chance, and get along with women. Do n’t just “see” and go after yourself.Happiness; older women, it’s okay to miss them, it’s not too late now.

Even if those men prefer younger girls, we still have to strive for our own happiness.

If you can not get married and find trust in other areas, in fact, it is also good to be a “single girl”.

  Sex education is a more scientific and universal concept: young people have less curiosity due to curiosity and are more cautious about premarital sex.

  The concept of choosing a spouse is more important than fun, and the economy is less concerned.

Young men and women want each other to belong to the same social class as themselves.

  The ideal companion in the minds of young women is full of sense of humor, know how to respect people, life is full of fun, and the impact of economic conditions and family background will fade.

  Pursue the concept of marriage quality: the quality of marriage has become the goal pursued by people.

  Most families no longer make do with it, and the improved ability to adjust marriage will make family life richer, fresher, and happier.

Men and women are more equal in marriage, domestic violence is reduced, and husbands and wives share family obligations.

  Some people like to evaluate the relationship between passion and calm in marriage-the energy of each love is destined, the more intense the love, the faster the energy is consumed, like a flame, after the sky is gorgeous, a moment will become ashes.

And Tian Dan calmly can last a lifetime.

Perhaps the more bland the marriage, the more the quality of love goes beyond.

  The concept of financial management transition to aa system: family financial management will transition from one person to aa system.

The property is notarized before marriage. After the marriage, the couple establishes an account in the bank and conducts economic accounting independently.

According to the marriage agreement, the husband and wife each bear their own financial obligations in family life.

  The so-called husband and wife aa system refers to a new family economic compliance model.

It basically has two forms: one is to pay a part of the money each month as “family public funds” to pay common household expenses such as rent, utilities, and the rest of their own cooking; the other is to treat guests, shop, and take a taxi.Take care of yourself, only on big projects such as buying a house or investing, the couple bears the average burden.

Recently, many young couples will incorporate aa restriction into their family life-“Dear, let us aa system” has become a buzzword.

  The concept of reducing the difference in housework: the intensity of housework is reduced, and the conflict between couples due to housework is reduced.

Household chores will be socialized, and the popularity of household appliances will lengthen household chores.

  Rational divorce increase concept: agreement divorce, trial divorce has become the preferred method of rational divorce, but the divorce rate will continue to rise.   The higher the knowledge and the cultural level, the more emotional the person, the higher the demand for love.
But the social pressure on divorced people will be reduced accordingly.
  The advantage of a trial divorce is that both parties will not make a regretful decision under impulsive circumstances. In reality, both people will objectively and actively re-examine themselves, appreciate each other’s strengths, and review their shortcomings. The final choice is rationalof.
If during the trial divorce, you really find that your marriage is no love, sexless, unhelpful, and the situation cannot be improved, then the trial divorce is also a buffer period for yourself. When you say goodbye to this marriage, you will also let yourself haveA peaceful mind, give up in time, give yourself a chance to choose again.
  Treat extramarital affairs rationally & cols = 1target = _blank> Extramarital affairs Concept: The society continues to maintain a rational attitude towards extramarital affairs.
  People’s sense of responsibility for marriage comes more from self-knowledge, self-restraint, and self-correction than from external pressure.
People demand the quality and emotion of marriage, the rights and enjoyment between husband and wife, and a more free and autonomous sense of choice.
  In an age of extramarital affairs like the rising prices, we must learn to bear and face it with our calm and mature psychology. We must know that extramarital affairs are an irresistible temptation, but home is a sheltered harbor.
  Increased freedom of marriage Idea: Marriage is no longer hereditary, and whether marriage is a well-thought-out choice by an individual. Lifestyles such as single marriage and “Dink family” may become the content of diverse choices.
  The term “Dink” is the English abbreviation of doubleincomeandnokids, which means double-income, childless family structure.
Today, Dink families have sprung up like mushrooms, especially in super cities like Beijing and Shanghai.
Recently, a short message caught my attention. Last year, the number of Dink couples in our country exceeded one million.
  Personal strategies to adapt to a new marriage relationship 1. Marriage is no longer regarded as an indicator of human failure. In the past, marriage was once the most important indicator of whether a woman’s life was successful.
But today, marriage can only be used to measure a woman’s marriage, and it is no longer the purpose and destination of a woman’s love relationship.
We still have a persistent yearning for marriage, but marriage is no longer our sole trust in happiness.
  2. Create an independent, independent, and self-improving life Only when women are truly economically independent and have equal status with men in social and personal life, will it be possible to face a stormy marriage calmly and even have the ability to refuse marriage.
  3, abandon the idea of relying on men Women have long been indoctrinated by the idea of relying on men, including spiritual dependence and dependence on life.
Marriage is considered by old-fashioned women to find a “reliance”.
But now women think: the only safest and most reliable one is himself.
  4. Improving personal life skills Women need to have the ability to face various living situations and be able to bear all the challenges in life alone.
Many services are usually defined as men’s services, and women should learn to take care of themselves.
Because there is no natural reason for the gender division of labor in labor, it is entirely a convention of gender.
Women are no worse than men in any way.
At the same time, we should also make full use of the socialized housework system, all of which make single life easier.
  5. Diversity of social communities and social methods When women enter a broad social network, we can get more warm friendship from friends of the same or the same sex, which makes them more powerful in facing unstable marriage relationships.