That day, Guo Enting’s parents saw the helpless Bai Lu,But I don’t know how to comfort me as an elder。

I thought there might not be any intersection in this life,Except for a little bit of guilt and regret in my heart,Guo Enting’s parents have no other feelings about Bai Lu’s child。
But who ever thought,I ran into it at the airport。
Guo Enting’s father admitted,If it’s not for Bai Lu’s father’s physical condition,,Bai Lu is the most righteous person against my own family,And it doesn’t need to be like this,Climbed up to a family like Zhu’s。
Same man,Guo Enting’s father can understand his son,Life is not easy,Bow to fate many times,Are very uncomfortable。
Far away,Guo Enting’s father saw Bai Lu’s mother and daughter,Don’t say anything,Don’t speak,Just walk with your head down,I hope I can’t see the same passing by。
But the day is not fulfilled,What does Guo Enting’s father hope for,That hope is getting further and further away from him。
Finally met face to face,It’s like Guo Enting doesn’t know how to say hello,The same goes for Guo Enting’s father。
It’s Guo Enting’s mother who came forward,Greet Bai Lu mother and daughter with a smile。
It’s just Bai Lu’s frosty attitude,It’s really not flattering。
Like all children,After his parents were humiliated,Anyone will stand up,Fight back。
Guo Enting glanced at Bai Lu,Yi Ren is still there,It’s a pity that it’s not own anymore。
“Aunt,Even if our two broke off diplomatic relations,But my mother greets you,You don’t have to be so bad, right?”
Looking at Bai Lu’s mother who is guarding her daughter,Guo Enting said coldly。
“If Aunt Guo says hello, my mother won’t respond,Isn’t that even more rude?”It’s like Guo Enting protects his mother,Bai Lu also stood by her mother’s side,Looking at Guo Enting without showing weakness,What is the other person’s look,Bai Lu answered what kind of look,This is the former Bai Lu,Expressions that will never be learned。
Guo Enting frowned,Look up and down Bai Lu。Shibei three days,More impressive,At least when Bai Lu was with herself,She dare not talk to people like this。
“It seems that after you are with others,Courageous,For the sake of the past, let me remind you,That person is not a good person,Be careful!”
Guo Enting looked at Bai Lu,Said with a smile。
Guo Enting’s mother has been pulling Guo Enting,But the latter is unmoved。Bai Lu was taken away by Bai Lu’s mother ,After hearing the person Guo Enting said,Also look back at him。
Although Guo Enting didn’t name it,,But everyone knows,The guy in Guo Enting’s mouth,Refers to Xiang Chen。