What is well matched?

What is “well matched”?

● Love E-mail Case: 3 years ago, I met my boyfriend.
Prior to that, he was lost because of some things, and behaved arrogantly.
Out of sympathy, I silently supported and comforted him.
Then we fell in love unknowingly.
  In the rest of his life, he treats me very well and loves me so much that I am moved.
But my family is not optimistic about this relationship, and also strongly opposes that we are not suitable.
I really can’t bear to hurt my loving parents, and I finally had to break up with him.
  During the six months of the breakup, I have been very peaceful.
I don’t want to talk about feelings again, because I’m afraid that I will be hurt again and waste my feelings by being opposed by my family again.
However, people are not as good as heaven. During a classmate’s meeting, I was attracted by a former male student.
He and I were classmates from elementary school to middle school. They were very friendly to each other, but they never felt that way before.
When I look at each other occasionally, I am lost in his gentle eyes. Since then, I often miss him, and whenever I have news of him, I am happy to dance.
I don’t know why I like him somehow.
But I know that it is impossible for me and him, because he is still studying, and I am older than him, these parents certainly disagree.
However, the more I knew it was impossible, the less I was reconciled and the more I liked him.
  I feel very painful for this, what should I do?
  Comment: I was forced to break up with my boyfriend, leaving a deep wound in the heroine’s heart, which not only made her lack of courage to start a new love, but also made her guilty of ex-boyfriend.
We can imagine that when she was in love with her ex-boyfriend, she might never have thought about any “mismatch” between them. After being strongly opposed and interfered by her parents, the girl began to learn to measure “common match”If not, this becomes an obstacle that prevents her from developing a relationship with the male student who has feelings.
  It is imperative for a girl to have in-depth communication with her parents to reach a consensus on her mate selection criteria.
Only in this way can the girl get out of the shadow of the last hiccup and choose a new love object according to the criteria recognized by both generations.
  Whether parents should participate in the development of children’s mate selection criteria is another issue that needs to be discussed.