Try cold Chinese medicine recipes in winter_1

Try cold medicine recipes in winter

The weather is dry and hot and cold, and people are vulnerable to colds.

In fact, indeed, any disease is the result of the interaction between the body’s immunity and pathogenic factors. If the body’s resistance is stronger than the role of the pathogenic factor, the body will be very healthy, otherwise, the disease will occur.

Colds are more serious, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, bad mood and some chronic diseases, and those with weak constitutions are more likely to get colds.

Therefore, in order to avoid the interference of colds or enhance the ability to fight against colds, diet conditioning must not mention the “schedule”.

  Eating during colds is forbidden. When eating a cold, pay attention to nutritional balance and easy digestion.

Protein foods such as meat, eggs should not be too much; greasy foods such as fried, fried should eat less, but should be based on fatty foods, you can drink porridge, but also eat more vegetables and fruits,In order to supplement as much vitamins and minerals as possible, improve the body’s immunity.

  To provide everyone with a small prescription for diet, which can not only enjoy the deliciousness, but also enhance the resistance, it can serve two purposes.

  Barley lentil porridge method: Use half a bowl of glutinous rice and lentils to make porridge, and drink one bowl for breakfast and dinner each day.

  Efficacy: Barley lentils can strengthen the spleen and stomach to remove moisture, promote gastrointestinal absorption, and strengthen physical strength to fight cold viruses.

  Sweet potato ginger soup method: peel a large sweet potato and cut into small pieces, cut a piece of ginger into thin slices, add six bowls of water to cook, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, and drink a cup every morning and dinner.

  Efficacy: Sweet potato supplements nutrition, ginger can be cold, more suitable for cold and cold.

  Hot plum tea method: For every five pickled pickles or red salt plums, make a large cup of boiling water, stir for five minutes, and drink one each for breakfast and dinner.

  Efficacy: Plums contain malic acid, succinic acid, etc., which has a significant antibacterial effect and also has a certain effect on colds.

  Method of mint tea: take fresh mint leaves, drink with hot boiling water, drink a cup every morning and dinner every day.

  Efficacy: It is suitable for cold patients with dry mouth, sore throat, and no sputum or yellow and black sputum, which does not prevent them from drinking more.

  Hot salty lemon tea method: Cut one or two thin slices with fresh lemon, put a small amount of salt, and then rinse with hot water.

Each cup can be washed three times, and the second and third times do not need to add salt. Be careful not to use cold boiling water.

  Efficacy: Hot salty lemon tea can smooth phlegm.