Zhang Tianqiao has an angry expression,Shook his head twice,Face is a bit bad。

The old man Ye Tian just looked sad,Nod,Tao:“I understand。Martial arts,Most important,Can’t be forced。Since you don’t want to practice Wing Chun,Then I have nothing to say。”
“Row,Then say goodbye!”Lu Menglin bowed his hand,Smiled。
to be frank,He has no friendship with these two warriors,Whether it’s great or not, it’s all from others,Of course Lu Menglin won’t turn down and worship,At least it is cheap and not greedy,He still understands。
Talk about it,Lu Menglin took Chen Jiannan with,Turned and walked towards the front yard。
Zhang Tianqiao sees the two are leaving,My face suddenly became anxious。
Waiting for the two to take six or seven steps,The old man Ye Tian saw that they really wanted to leave,This is the voice:“Stay!Brother Lu, please stay!”
to be frank,An old man who was almost 70 years old kept calling Lu Menglin as his brother Lu,This in itself makes him a little unbearable,I heard the old man behind,He immediately stopped,Looking back。
“Brother Lu,Actually there is another person who really wants to see you。Can you stay a little longer?”Ye Tian smiled bitterly。
Lu Menglin was also slightly startled when he heard these words,I think there are so many things about practicing Jiazi,But he always respects the old and loves the young,Naturally will not rebel against the elderly,So nodded。
Zhang Tianqiao heard what Ye Tian said,Darker face,A look like hesitating and stopping,It seems that Lu Menglin is reluctant to see that person。
Ye Tian handed over,Tao:“Brother Lu,The one I want to take you to,Have a disability,Can not move,And he doesn’t want to see outsiders,So I want to ask this little brother by your side to wait for a while。”
Chen Jiannan heard this,I can’t help but frown。
He doesn’t know what kind of routine this Wing Chun School is,Heartless,Naturally, I don’t want Lu Menglin to take risks alone。
Lu Menglin laughed,Reached out and patted Chen Jiannan on the shoulder,Whisper:“Nange,Nothing。The most important thing to be a human being is to be a little curious,Although I am not a martial artist,But I’m still very curious about Chinese martial arts。I’ll be back as soon as I see。”
Looking at Lu Menglin’s eyes as calm as water,Chen Jiannan is not good to say more。
But think about it, there should be no danger,Otherwise, these two martial arts boxers only need to join forces to attack,Most of them can’t resist Lu Menglin,No need to do more。
then,Chen Jiannan watched Lu Menglin and the elderly Ye Tian walk into the inner courtyard together,Disappear from sight。